Pool Rules

Pool Rules

In 2021, we continue to see COVID affect our daily lives. Pangborn is a community owned and volunteer operated pool and tennis club, and our members have a diverse set of views about what constitutes safe COVID practices. We ask that our members respect each other’s views, choices and practices. 


  • We will continue to use a reservation system to minimize crowding, however overall capacity and number of slots have been increased.
  • Masks continue to be required in common areas, but can be removed while in your pod on the grounds. Masks are not allowed in the pool.
  • Socially-distanced pods on the grounds will continue.
  • In the pool, a lane will be dedicated to members who wish to strictly distance. The rest of the pool will be open swim.
  • Pool furniture will be set up. Members are asked to clean up after themselves.
  • The Bait Shack will be open and the grills will be reservable . However, the water fountain, refrigerator and playground will continue to be closed.
  • We are permitting members aged 14+ to attend the pool without adult supervision during regular hours.

We are increasing the capacity level and number of reservation slots. We will review monthly and update the limits based on usage data.

  • Reservations are for 2-hour blocks with maximum of 6 people per reservation. We are increasing the number of reservation times to 5 per day by eliminating the 30 minute transition time between reservations. Members will enter through the front gate and exit through the back gate.
  • We are adding 7 more reservation pods on the grounds. Three reservation pods will be more spaced apart for members who wish to strictly distance.
  • Each member household will have four reservations per 7-day period. On weekdays, two reservations may be used back-to-back (for up to 4 hours) or concurrently (2 pods next to each other). Weekend quota remains at one reservation per household.
  • Lap Swim will continue to be available from 6am to 9am. Members age 14+ may attend Lap Swim with an adult.
  • At Risk Member Swim will be available by request.

Guests will be allowed with the following stipulations:

  • Guests are expected to follow pool rules.
  • Guests are the responsibility of the hosting members.
  • Guests count towards the per-pod capacity limit.
  • Guest fee is $3 per guest.
  • Reservations will need to be marked as “with guests” to inform other members.



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